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Our in-house trading gurus have over 350 years of trading expertise to help drive your account profits to the next level.

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Our revolutionary software tracks and identifies patterns of over 1000 instruments signaling key entry, trend and exit points.

Social Media Team

Our social media team scan every trading medium and social trading platform.

From R/Wallstreetbets, Social-discord and Telegram Groups, Etorro, Zulu-trade, Ayondo and more to identify key pumps BEFORE they happen!


1. What is a hybrid managed account?

Our Hybrid managed accounts allows us to attack every angle in the marketplace.

We use a combination of 3 trading styles. Analysis, bot trading and social media tracking means we never miss a beat when it comes to managing your account.

2. How does your fixed rate return work?

Quite simply, if you prefer a zero risk approach to investing but still want to have your crypto currency as your underlying asset, simply deposit into your Bitlafa account using your crypto or bank transfer. We will then pay you a fixed rate return on the crypto you hold in your account with us.

Interest is paid monthly with no restrictions on withdrawals.

3. Which products do you cover?

Our Hybrid trading program encompasses all Crypto and Currency instruments and selected key equities in world markets.

4. How do I fund my account?

When signing up, you will receive a debit card. This can be used to withdraw for instant access to your account balances. No long waiting periods or transaction delays.

5. Are my funds secure?

Your account and debit card are fully authorised and regulated by BAFIN (German: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) and the FCA (UK: Financial Conduct Authority).

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